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Hurricane Ian Preparedness

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The Alva Fire Control & Rescue Service District has sand at 2660 Styles Road, Alva; it’s Station 121 location.  Please bring a shovel and personal sand bags should you have them.  We have a limited number of bags which will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

Any additional updates and/or news can be found on the District’s Facebook page.

Our duty is to protect the lives and property of residents and visitors through fire prevention and education, fire and rescue response and quality emergency medical service.


We work with businesses, residents and other local agencies to prevent fires through inspections, education and preparation.


Our staff is trained, our equipment is tested, and our plans are complete.


Trained professionals using appropriate equipment ready and available for emergency situations.

Part of the Community

backpack drive results 2022

Backpack Drive a Success

With our deepest gratitude, the Alva Fire District would like to thank our local citizens, staff and administration for their generosity during our Alva School backpack drive. It was with your abundant contributions that 51 local students will attend class this year with fully stocked backpacks.

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